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Top 5 Wallet Flip Case Cover for Motorola Moto X – Elegant and Stunning

The 2013 seems to be the year for Motorola, since this year they put out a lot of new devices, which include the new flagship smartphone – Moto X. Not as usual that their devices only come with Verizon Wireless, but now Moto X also released along with several leading cellular carriers in the U.S., such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular. Without a doubt this smartphone is going to be popular and will be able to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

For those who always carry this device to the office or other formal place, in order to support your personal style and practicality, you need to buy your Moto X a wallet flip case. Simply because normally the flip case is constructed of PU leather material that looks elegant and stunning, so it is not only suitable for women but can also be used for men. Another reason to buy a wallet flip case is Moto X has a fairly large size with dimensions of 129.3×65.3×10.4 mm with 4.7 inches display, so it does require complete protection on every side to avoid scratches or shock.

If you are still confused in buying a wallet flip case for Moto X, below we provide some of the top case that could be a consideration for you when buying later:

Pudini PU Leather Flip Hard Cover Folio Stand Case for Moto X

Image: Pudini/
Image: Pudini/


Designed by Pudini, this case looks luxurious as it is made of PU Syntethic material that gives you good handfeel. All materials including holder inside are crafted from durable polycarbonate plastic and non-toxic. They claim that the case is water-proof, dust-proof and can be easily cleaned. The case is available on with several colors : Brown, Black, Pink and Blue, so this Moto X wallet flip case is suitable for both men and women.

Baseus Stand Flip Premium PU Thin Leather Cover Case

baseus wallet-flip case moto x
Image: Baseus/


The next case is designed by Baseus, same as the other, this flip case is also made from lightweight polyurethane material that won’t add weight to your device significantly. Made with regard to the overall design of Moto X, so all openings, buttons, connectors, etc. placed perfectly so that you will feel that this case is part of the phone itself. These cases available at in four colors: Black, White, Blue and Pink.

Poetic Flipbook Case

poetic flip case moto x
Image: Poetic/


Other products are the flip case designed by Poetic, a well known accessory brand from the U.S. who dared to give a 3-year limited warranty on their products. The exterior of the case is made of textured leather like material that looks exclusive, cozy grip and not slippery. On the inside you will find a holder that protects the device’s body and can also work as shock absorbers, this element is made of Polycarbonate plastic. Poectic flipbook for Moto X is now available at with black color.

Areser Premium PU Leather Case

Areser case
Image: Areser/


The next product from Areser, the case is made of PU (Polyurethane) leather material, which is soft when touched and easy to clean, designed exclusively for Moto X to make sure you can access all the buttons, sockets and also not block access to the speaker and microphone. The case is ultra-thin with a thickness only 1.1mm, so that your smartphone will not look bulky even when use the case. In Areser PU leather case is available in four colors : black, blue, orange and pink rose.

i-Blason Leather Slim Book Case

i-blason wallet case
Iamge: i-Blason/


This case is designed by i-Blason, an accessories brand from US. They said that it is made of premium quality genuine leather materials with the best workmanship, which is specially made for Moto X. On the inside of the case there are two slots for credit card or ID card, there is also a slot for storing cash, so you can leave your wallet at home . However it is strongly recommended you do not keep all your cash and cards in this case, since it will make your smartphone thicker, and also potentially scratch the display screen. The I-Blason Slim Case Book is available on in three colors : pink and blue are suitable for women and black for men.

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